Who even blogs anymore? Um, me.


Come, read stuff, laugh at Jenny with the rest of us.

I’m one of those weird people that actually went to school for singing,dancing&acting

I use the word ‘hence’ probably more than neccesary

I’m a water sports nut

Disney Character Performer is my absolute dream job

I like to make food, take pictures of the food and then proceed to eat said food

Warm climates are my calling

I like to consider myself a health nut, but let’s be honest – I still don’t know anything

Born & raised on Vancouver Island, Canada


I wanna travel the world really bad – like, needing to use the washroom after 5 hours of driving and 2 litres of water – bad

I love taking photos of life, HENCE, why I have decided to created this page, to share captured moments that other peeps will hopefully enjoy


✌️      Jenny